During 2005 Conser S.c.c.p.A. contracted the works for the construction of an inter-company nursery school.

During 2004 and within the European Project EQUAL: “Prato: The Laboratory of Time”, Conser S.c.c.p.A.
had carried out a survey among the employees of the companies operating in the 1st Macrolotto to identify the major critical issues identified by them and possibly to implement interventions capable of meeting their needs. Among the most interesting results of this survey, a strong demand for nursery schools close to parents’ workplaces emerged.

Conser S.c.c.p.A. acted as an interpreter of this need at the Municipality of Prato and was able to modify some previous development commitments so as to be able to create a nursery for 35-40 children in place of other previously agreed upon works.

With this intervention Conser S.c.c.p.A. it also aims to create the conditions so that the fees that parents will have to pay for their children can be as low as possible. To this end Conser S.c.c.p.A. has planned not to charge any rent (only a reimbursement of expenses) to whoever will be entrusted with the management of the nursery school and to design it so that its heating and air conditioning is achieved by taking (with a special heat pump) the calories needed from the recycled water circulating in its industrial and fire-fighting aqueduct, without therefore consuming even one cubic meter of methane.

Other objectives that Conser S.c.c.p.A. aims to achieve with this work are: nursery school opening hours which must be compatible with parents’ working hours advanced pedagogical plans environmental protection to “hide” the nursery as much as possible from the surrounding production context. Hence its name Il Bosco Incantato(The Enchanted Forest).

The images in this section come from the institutional website of the Pane & Rose Cooperative which manages the “Il Bosco Incantato” nursery school.

Below is the link to the “Asilo Bosco Incantato” section of the
Cooperativa Pane & Rose website, which currently manages the facility.