Downstream of the Prato municipal water purification plant, managed by G.I.D.A. S.p.A., a wastewater recycling plant for reuse for production and fire prevention purposes was created by the 1° Macrolotto Industriale di Prato subdivision and by Conser S.p.A., which since 2015 has been managed by the company G.I.D.A S.p.A..


1990: the 1st batch capable of producing 1,750,000 m3/year of recycled water from civil and industrial wastewater comes into operation.

1997: the second batch also goes into production and production rises to 3,500,000 m3/year.

2005: with the third upgrade, production rises to 5,000,000 m3/year.

The water produced by the recycling plant is distributed directly into the industrial and fire-fighting aqueduct serving the 1st Macrolotto with characteristics that allow it to be used without problems by processes such as dyeing, finishing, printing, carbonising, etc.

The plant is equipped with a building where the electromechanical equipment, the push station, the service rooms, the control and control room, the repair workshop and the technical offices are housed. The entire plant is managed through a fully computerized automation system with the possibility of remote control by the management staff.

The aqueduct is constantly kept at a pressure varying from 4 to 6 bar to ensure its regular fire-fighting function.


The primary water left by Conser S.c.c.p.A. or by the groundwater manager allows us to satisfy the drinking water needs of over 100,000 inhabitants/year out of a population of approximately 190,000 inhabitants.

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