The brand protecting

the pole productive Macrolotto UNO

A brand that protects and promotes the activities of macrolotto UNO, as the heritage of the production activities, tradition and culture of the Prato area and of Made in Italy with an eye towards protecting the environment.

In a ecologically controlled system

who think and live green

to the separate industrial sewerage

thanks to recycled water

to the clean energy used by many companies

with a camera system for the security of the Polo

We produce Quality!

Being part of Macrolotto Uno means belonging to the largest B2B distribution system in Tuscany


Production hub for retail with over 700 companies active in various product sectors, mainly in the textile industry, and with a high daily presence of operators, manufacturers and customers.

The area is equipped with an internal video surveillance service, to protect operators against criminal events and the abandonment of waste.

In addition to the centralized firefighting service, within the hub there are also restaurants, bars, a post office, banks and a nursery to support workers

Macrolotto Uno has always had particular attention to the environment and develops proposals for green solutions, such as recycled water for manufacturing companies, clean energy with photovoltaic systems and is now also equipped with separate industrial sewerage.

For these reasons we decided to create the MACROLOTTO UNO brand: a sign of distinction and to protect production quality in an increasingly ecologically controlled system

Why get the brand Macrolotto Uno?

The Macrolotto Uno brand must also be understood as a quality brand for products serving the local area characterized by the use of recycled water and largely clean energy.

The brand is both verbal and figurative.

It consists of the Macrolotto Uno Prato name in which some activities and products, yarns, clothing in various forms and the international recycling water logo are highlighted.

The brand may be affixed in compliance with the specific components contained therein: figures, colors and other elements representative of the logo by the dealers.

You can request the label printed on recyclable paper with the Macrolotto Uno logo.

Are you an interested company based in Prato nel Macrolotto?

The brand, with the indication of the concession number issued, may be affixed exclusively to “made in Italy” products, produced in the Prato textile area, for which at least one phase of the direct or indirect production process is carried out in Macrolotto Uno Prato.

Companies intending to use the trademark must submit an application for concession of use and request registration in the company register in a specially created list.

The concessionaire companies can also be included in the specific list shown and accessible from the site.


Macrolotto UNO producers will be able to request the concession/license by contacting Conser S.c.c.p.A.