In 2007 Conser S.c.c.p.A. inaugurates the inter-company nursery called “Il Bosco Incantato” with the aim of providing a better service to workers throughout the 1st Macrolotto area.

The management of this nursery is currently entrusted to the Pane&Rose cooperative, an expert in the sector of children’s services and responsible for drafting the educational project.

It is a structure built with high safety features and equipped with all comforts such as:

  1. the attic on the ground floor raised above the ground floor for healthier “living”.
  2. a loggia that dampens direct sunlight and makes the place much cooler during periods of great heat
  3. all load-bearing structures are made of reinforced concrete
  4. the systems were channeled into an attic for greater safety and fewer risks deriving from them
  5. a solar thermal system for reducing methane consumption

Conser S.c.c.p.A., together with the collaboration of the Pane&Rose cooperative, guarantees the families of the children who work in the 1st Macrolotto the discounts agreed from time to time in order to provide a better service in terms of quality and rates.